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Corporate & Office Of Tax And Revenue Workshop

Event Status: Open   
Event Date: 1/30/2013
Time: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Contact: Jacqueline Noisette, (202) 442-8170
Center: DCRA Small Business Resource Center
Event Location: 1100 4TH Street, SW, 4302 located on the 4rd Floor, Washington, DC 20024-4451
Description: We would like to invite you to attend our Small Business Resource Center Nonprofit Workshop if you are interested in gaining an in-depth knowledge of how to organize or register a nonprofit organization, or receive more information on how to apply for Tax Exempt status in the District of Columbia. Some of those questions will be answered during this workshop. DCRA's Corporations Division serves as the Office of Corporate Registrar for the District of Columbia. The Office of Tax and Revenue assists non-profit organizations better understand their responsibilities as an entity conducting business in the District. During this workshop you will be provided information related to nonprofit entities in the District:

  • New Corporate Law: Changes and Differences (DCRA)
  • Non Profit Corporation: Filing Requirements (DCRA )
  • Old Act Non Profit and Act of Congress (Non Profit) Corporation (DCRA)
  • Filing Requirements for Nonprofit Organizations (OTR)

Topics: Corporate Registration, Other
Instructions: One-on-one Meeting


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Registration Policies:

Special Accommodations: In accordance with the American Disabilities Act and state law, you may request accommodations due to a disability by contacting the event organizer listed above. Advance notice may be necessary for some accommodations. Registration must be paid prior to accommodation requests.

Disclaimer: The instructional sessions and seminars are provided as a service by DCRA for informational purposes only. Attending an instructional session or seminar does not guarantee that DCRA will issue you a license, corporate registration, permit, or certification.